Belt Miners™

Welcome to the Utopia Arura mining ship Tau Ceti. Your overall mission is to mine asteroids for usable resources. Your commander is the android Io. She will brief you on all missions and manage your progress.

- Scan - Scan asteroids for valuable resources.
- Deploy - Deploy mining rigs on selected asteroids.
- Retrieve - Retrieve ore from asteroids to the main ship.
- Trade - Buy and sell ore on the Belt Colony market.
- Maintain - Various missions for maintaining the ship.

Belt Miners is a simulation game with the goal of providing a relatively accurate simulation of what it would be like to be an Asteroid Belt miner in the future.

Engage in hours of sci-fi asteroid mining experiences with 70 missions, scanning asteroids, deploying rigs, retrieving ore, trading, and maintaining the main ship.

The game is designed for Android™ and Oculus Go/Gear VR™. The game can be run in both VR and non-VR mode.

Press Kit provides additional information for press and media. Thanks to Stellardrone for producing the music (CC BY 3.0).

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