Belt Miners™
Belt Miners is an asteroid mining
simulation game for Google Daydream.
Immersive sci-fi spaceship pilot training and
space travel in the Asteroid Belt.
Atomic Order™
Atomic Order is casual simulation game where the player can tap the display to propel a ball towards a cluster of balls.
Shattered Path™
Is about a glass ball that can easily be broken.
(In Development)
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We are exploring game concepts and software solutions for enabling low latency remote game play for mobile devices. We currently target Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. We target VR with Google Daydream and Cardboard.


Games are running on server computers. A live, low latency video feed is sent from the game to the client. User input data is captured on the client and sent to the server where it is injected into the game; to provide a "remote game play" experience.


Executing games on servers has numerous advantages compared to executing games on clients.


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